Shamans from all over the world while celebrating their ceremonies and rituals have always used the sacred plant. Exploring the astral worlds, communicating with ancestors and work on the mental level, spiritual and emotional man demanded taking mescaline-containing cactus Washuma (San Pedro), insectivorous plants Herba del Dragon, coca leaves, or hallucinogenic mushrooms. One of the most famous and most recently a very popular shamanic plant has become inconspicuous liana Ayahuasca, called the “wine of the soul”, “spirit drink”, or “Queen of the Amazon jungle”.


Unlike other rituals that usually celebrates the traditional behavior, drinking Ayahuasca ceremony not only enriched by a contemporary dimension, but also received the honor of hitting the altar as the official drink liturgical Brazilian Santo Daime religious movement.

Therapist and explorer Marek Kukulka, during his travels met with various forms of ritual taking this mysterious visionary plants.