Traveling many years around the World, Marek has honor to meet the other shaman , who represented a different , modern approach to the sacred ayahuasca vine. – Access to large sleeping area ‘s potential can also be obtained by participating in activities without complicated ceremony – says Marek – A good example of this type of thinking where ceremonies conducted by the Peruvian shaman Qushee of Cuzco. Qushee, in its version of the ceremony, limited his activity only to handle to the circle the vine drink and give them a few information. In his opinion, the spirit of ayahuasca knows very well what to do and not have him in the force to help . He argued that the ” Queen of the Amazon plant ” will come to each person in the circle on its own individual way of combining it with other dimensions of only they can understand . He recommended to work during the ceremony with the intentions and praying. No one also promised that he would protect them from that may come to the ritual or unpleasant visions of ghosts. Throughout the evening, just all watched the occasional singing traditional icarios. – In spite of minimizing the shamanic treatments, most of the participants were very satisfied. Some even claimed that ayahuasqero singing in Quechua, was using language of Atlanteans – says Marek – Qushee with his behavior proved that celluloid show straight from the exotic Andean is not an indicator of a successful ritual and related therapies.